Why Prue Leith is our new eyewear idol

Prue Leith is our new eyewear idol

Since Netflix added The Great British Baking Show to its lineup, Americans have been gleefully binging on this sweet, flour-covered, and very English reality show.  Kinder and gentler than  Survivor, less temperamental than Hell’s Kitchen, the show is the opposite of the cutthroat competitions we’re used to.  And while we have to puzzle through a lot of Britishisms we may not understand (Chelsea buns, caster sugar, oven temps in Celsius), there’s one aspect of the show we understand instinctively: the fabulousness of baking judge Prue Leith’s eyewear.

Here are 4 reasons to look to Prue for eye style inspiration:

She loves color

She wears different eyewear for each show, coordinated to her outfit. Here’s Prue wearing Kirk & Kirk’s Victor frame in color Ocean. I defy you to find a bluer blue in the entire world. Even Paul Hollywood’s baby blues can’t compete.

She chooses independent frame lines

Her favorite eyewear is from Kirk & Kirk, a British frame line known for its saturated colors, and Ronit Furst, which handpaints each of its frames. Way to support the rebellion, Prue.

She adds statement necklaces

The necklaces are starting to attract their own fan club. One viewer collected them all in this article.

She’s bold AF

Listen, as our hair fades to white and our skin loses its smoothness, it’s easy to start avoiding the camera and fade back into ourselves. Prue is having none of that. She knows there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by standing out. And her fearless use of color in both her clothing, jewelry, and eyewear should be a lesson to anyone of any age.

So thank you, Prue! Now I’m off to give those bright orange Theos another try.

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