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    1. Hi Jonathan. The IG interface has changed since I wrote this, as it often does. Also, it now presents differently to different kinds of accounts (personal, business, creator, and there are probably more). For me, the clock symbol moved into the menu available when you click the symbol with 3 lines on the top right of your profile page.

      Clicking Archive doesn’t do anything to a post — it just opens an archive of your Instagram Stories. Hope that helps.

      1. Same problem here, I can’t find a picture I accidentally archived… It’s not in Archive, and I have no Highlights…

        1. Hi Etienne. The Archive only stores your expired Instagram Stories. So if you didn’t put that picture in an Instagram Story, it won’t be there. You don’t have to do anything to have Stories archived — it’s automatic, leaving you an option to put Stories in Highlights after they expire after 24 hours. If it’s a Post you’re looking for, those aren’t archived — and if it’s missing, you probably inadvertently deleted it.

  1. On the profile page I don’t have the +New Highlight button, only a +Highlight button. I checked my sons account and he has the +New button. Same phone! Any suggestions?

  2. All of my story archives just disappeared. It thinks I have none and has an icon that says I need to post stories to have an archive but I have posted stories and had posted stories. I don’t really know what to do and I’m freaking cause I need those stories.

    1. That sucks! But they may not be gone. If you’re looking at them when you have a shaky Internet connection, they may just not be appearing for you temporarily. So look another time when your connection is good, like at home on you personal wifi. If that’s not the case and they really disappeared, contact Instagram! https://help.instagram.com/

  3. So mine are random. Even in your highlight. They are just randomly in there. Segments of videos are missing and even out of order. It is very confusing.

    Oh and like half of my stories down have the add to highlight icon at the bottom of them when they actually live.

    Do you have any ideas?

    1. Not sure if you mean the order of your Stories or the order of your Highlights, but I’ll try to answer about both. Stories order: continuous video that’s stretched out over several Stories can sometimes upload out of order. Not much you can do about that, except next time be sure you have a great Internet connection so it doesn’t choke one one Story and post it later. Otherwise, Stories go up in the order you posted them. Highlights order: They appear under your bio in the order of last added to appears first. So if you have a favorite you want to be first all the time, you have to add to it all the time. Or use my trick: remove a Story from it, add it back, and then it’s back to the front again.

      The “add to Highlight” (heart) button is always there, because you can add a Story to multiple highlights.

      Hope that helps!

  4. i think ig has a bug because it *for sure* doesn’t save all the stories in the archive. i did a Q&A about a week back consisting of like 30 stories, but only 6 or so of them are in the archive. and i for sure didn’t manually delete. this is what i’ve heard from other ppl too. sad.

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